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GranoMetry has been in the business of research, development & production of sand sedimentation systems for more than 35 years. Our products are the best available today, providing precision, speed & ease of operation.

We have never made any compromise in the design and selection of each part so that our systems have became since the beginning much better than any others until today, and qualify as advanced sedimentation systems. They open ways for innovative solutions as well as for career advancement.

Testing Accuracy

Settling tubes analyzing sand-sized grains gravimetrically determine the grain size distribution with the highest accuracy (much better than sieving, image analysis, laser diffraction, photometry, etc.). This top accuracy has three main reasons:

  1. sedimentation of  individual grains can be interpreted as their size with the highest possible accuracy;

  2. sand-sized particles sediment in water with enough energy to separate from each other, and so they make possible to utilize the most accurate sedimentation of grain collectives into clean medium (stratified sedimentation);

  3. sensitive and fast weighing of  the sediment permit the lowest grain concentration (wide sedimentation column).

The added uncompromised solutions using high technology then make our MacroGranometer™ the best.

But how to test the Best? There is only one way: to analyze the precisely synthesized sand mixtures of sieved fractions, identify the mixed distribution components by a special program, such as our SHAPE™ and compare the analyses results with the known mixture parameters. This was exactly what the author did in his International Inter-Laboratory Calibration Experiment (see the results on one example), and confirmed that no one instrument even approached the top results of our MacroGranometer™.

Our Sedimentation Analyzer can truly provide results that sedimentologists have come to expect from a century of using sizing methods (sieving, sedimentation etc.). Only sedimentation of sand-sized particles in a laboratory instrument can, by its very principle, come the closest to the sedimentation in nature, which is the ultimate goal. Just the sedimentation technique permitted the relative success of, for example, the "inexpensive" Emery's settling tube, and the "inexpensive" Felix settling tube.

However, the demanding requirements for sedimentology (such as decomposition of mixed distributions into Gaussian components) can only be obtained from advanced sedimentation analyzers such as MacroGranometer. Their properties are described in an article in progress.

Purchasing an "inexpensive" settling tube would amount to wasted time and money (ask for the results from comparative tests; click here to see one of many).

The Analyzer (MacroGranometer™), our major standard product with a new version appearing nearly every year, has been utilized during the last three decades at institutions in Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, Albania, Denmark, Austria, Poland and Portugal.

     Click for unique Applications of the Analyses made by our MacroGranometer.

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The total cost of the
Sand Sedimentation Analyzer, MacroGranometer™ 2010
is 54,555
, and that of the 
Sand Sedimentation Separator™ 20
10, 3S™, is  61,200 (EURO).

These figures include our five days work for installation and personnel training, but not the cost of the Base, and the Elevated Operation Platform, shipping, custom duty, and travel expenses (air fare, food and living costs). Most clients are producing the Base and the Elevated Operation Platform themselves economically.

For  5,110 [EURO] extra, we deliver and install each instrument completely with the Base, and Elevated Operation Platform, and cover all traveling and transportation costs in Europe (an additional installation trip is needed). If you buy both instruments at the same time, a 5% discount on both instruments is available.

The SedVar™ data processing software is normally included in the MacroGranometer™ system. However, it is available also extra: either complete (all three segments) for  2,455 [EURO], or its first two segments for only  360 [EURO]. The Shape™ software is for  2,550 [EURO].

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