Application examples of our Sand Sedimentation Analyses

Updated 06-Nov-10 04:10h

Our Analyzer can truly provide results that sedimentologists have come to expect from a century of using sizing methods (sieving, sedimentation etc.). Only sedimentation of sand-sized particles comes the closest to the sedimentation in nature, the ultimate goal.

PSI sedimentation velocity & PHI grain size distributions of the original samples are valuable tools in:
Petroleum Geology reservoir evaluation, enhanced recovery, heavy oil and tar sand production, basin analysis, stratigraphic correlation;
Civil Engineering sediment transportation, coastal protection, soil mechanics;
Oceanography coastal processes, marine sedimentation, tracing sand movement;
Quality Control of Natural & Synthetic Abrasives diamond, corundum, silicon carbide, boron nitride;
Quality Control of Filter and Foundry Sands results are consistently related to specific surface in contrast to sieve data;
Chemical Engineering permeability control of sand filters in synthetic fiber production; etc..
Forensic Research & Analysis Gaussian components of the MacroGranometer's sand size and sedimentation velocity distributions specify sand samples as small as 0.1 g, like finger imprints and DNA identify a person.
PSI sedimentation velocity distributions of narrow sieve fractions (each consists of equal-sized grains)
can be shown as 3D-plots and/or converted into distributions of grain density or shape.
All are valuable tools in:
MicroPaleontology isolation of various micro-fossil groups (foraminifers, conodonts, etc.);
Prospecting for Heavy Mineral (Placer) Deposits gold, platinum group minerals, rare earth minerals, diamond, titanium ores, tin ores (cassiterite), zircon, garnets.

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