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Jiri Brezina, Head of GranoMetry
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GranoMetry develops & produces unique laboratory instruments: 

Advanced Sand Sedimentation Analyzer (ASSA), MacroGranometer™ Settling tube for the best sedimentation analysis of sand.
It measures mass frequency distribution of settling rate
, grain size, Reynolds' number etc.
Sand Sedimentation Separator™ (3S) Settling tube which quantitatively isolates up to 25 sand settling rate fractions
rom monosize fractions, it isolates heavy minerals, porous microfossils etc.without using heavy liquids
SedVarDP™, SedVarNC™, Shape™ software in Sand Texture Sedimentology
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GranoMetry products & services are used in:

petroleum geology, oceanography (coastal processes, tracing sand sediments), basin analysis, prospecting for heavy minerals (placer) deposits,
forensic research & analysis, etc..

We can analyze your samples for you: enjoy the results of the best instrument without buying it.
Use our products &/or services for  the success of your projects and your career.


Our address: GranoMetry Dr. J. Brezina
Heidelberger Str. 68
D-69151 Neckargemuend, Germany
Cell phone
+49-171-976 2666


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