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The major advantages of our Analyzer are as follows:

  accuracy repeatability resolution
PSI sedimentation velocity, PHI grain size & other log2 variables (see below) 0.1 0.05 0.02
Weight frequency 0.5 % 0.05 % 0.01 %
Distributions of the following variables (click) are available:

Variable SF' determination.
Having the measured PSI-sedimentation velocity distribution defined mathematically by the parameters of a mixture of up to 5 Gaussian components, our SHAPE can match the PSI-values of the distribution to the PHI-values of similarly defined precise sieve grain size distribution: the identical distribution values each identify the values of the PSI-PHI couples. From these couples at 0.02 PSI steps, the SHAPE computes to each PSI-PHI couple the pertinent SF'-value. The resulting SF' table can then used by our GRM software to analyze the samples of a similar material (with a similar SF'-PSI-PHI relationship) as precision sieving would. A sedimentological interpretation of the SF' distribution should be taken with a great care because it includes both the sieving and MacroGranometer's errors.

Our analyses have been successfully used for unique applications (click).

With our analyses, the following operations  are included:

Normally, we do not perform any other preparation of your samples for our analysis. Please take care that your representative samples are:

Clean means that the samples must be free of substances that cannot be analyzed:

Samples in small portions mean that the quantity of your samples should allow us to split them just into about four to ten representative sub-samples.
The following sample sizes of
well sorted sands are recommended:

minimum particle size analyzed sample size your sample size
0.06 mm*) 0.3 gram 3 gram
0.1 mm*) 1 gram 10 gram
0.2 mm 2 gram 20 gram
0.5 mm 5 gram 50 gram

*) Samples with this minimum particle size may be also "poorly sorted": their size is larger  - see below.

Poorly sorted sands (containing both fine and course particles) should be sent in about two to three times larger sample weights.

Please send us your samples
weighed (in grams to two decimal digits) and well identified. Use clearly printed numbers on each bag or sample jar.
We will gladly send you our sample jars in a light-weight polystyrol packaging, each for 20 samples:

Our polystyrol packaging

Provide us a list of your samples as a table with the following information:

# Sample Name 1 Sample Name 2 Sample Number Sample Weight Grain density Shape Factor DVar*)

*) DVar = the required distribution variable such as PSIstandard, PSIlocal, PHI, etc..

Sample Names 1, 2, and Sample Number are optional. We can include your descriptions (geographic location, borehole identification, depth, core number etc.)  of up to 15 characters each. They will appear in the protocol of each analysis.

Sample weight (to 2 decimal digits of gram). After a brief microscopic evaluation, we'll determine the number of subsamples we will produce from your original sample for our analysis, possible repeats, and documentation (we store the unused subsamples 1 year).

Grain density is usually 2.65 (to 2.70) g/cm3 for quartz and calcite grains.

Shape Factor (defined by A. T. Corey, 1949, and independently by McNown & Malaika, 1950) is usually 0.65. Theoretically, SF of spheres is 1.0. However, sedimentation velocity of smooth spheres provides the values of SF' = 1.18, whereas the SF value of 1.0 corresponds to rough spheres and other isometric particles, including cube.

We recommend to use the SF value 0.65 valid for the most common naturally worn sand particles as a standard instead of the shape of spheres (whether smooth or rough).

Of course, we can compute the results to any grain shape, upon wish.


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Standard Sedimentation Analysis each (minimum of 10 samples) 49.00 70.00

VISA and MasterCard accepted.

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